Valencia Cove by GL Homes has been a great investment.

Valencia Cove by GL HomesValencia Cove, a new 55+ community by GL Homes, has turned out to be an excellent investment for those who bought early.  To date, GL Homes has sold close to 350 homes and some prices have increased up to $40,000 and more since they first started selling.  They’ve gone up even before the new owners close.  Sounds like something that happened in 2005.

Currently there are 8 GL Homes Valencia communities. Each Valencia community is a 55+ community and are located in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Lake Worth.  GL Homes builds good homes and they certainly know how to market them.

Many Valencia Cove buyers are from neighboring 55+ communities who have chosen to move to  new construction. They’ve sold (or are selling) their existing 55+ homes and are  looking forward to their new home.

Prices in Palm Beach County have been going up at a pretty good clip.  Last year compared to this year, prices have increased more than 10%.  Part of the reason for prices going up is that inventories are very low.  For example, Villaggio has 538 homes and as of this writing, there are only 5 for sale.  Bellaggio with 1,100 homes only has 10 for sale.  These are typical of  low inventories throughout Palm Beach County.

There are more than seventy 55+ communities in Palm Beach County.  Gl Homes has 8 and there’s are a whole lot more of them.  Care to see any?  Candace and I (The Harelik Team) specialize in 55+ homes and can provide information about any of them (including GL Homes).

Contact us at 561-374-4030.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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