Typical 55+ Active Adult Community daily schedule in Palm Beach County, Fl

55+ Activity ScheduleFor those looking to purchase a home in any of the 55+ Active Adult Communities in Palm Beach County and wondering about the activity level in any of the communities, be aware that the time of day makes a big difference in the activity level.

Of the more than seventy 55+ communities, 8 of them are the popular Valencia communities by GL Homes.  Each of the seventy communities offers different amenities, some communities are older and some newer some smaller and some larger.  We recommend that you visit the community at different times of day or ask some of the residents about the activity level.  The activity schedule generally runs true for almost all of the 55+ communities. Of course, times are very approximate.


  • Mornings (7:30 to 10:00)

    Fitness Center (Fitness center can be anytime but mostly in the AM)

    Pool for Laps, or water aerobics
    Aerobics (several different varieties)
    Sleep in
  • Midday (11:00 till 4:00)
    Lunch either at home, out with friends or at the community café
    Shopping (of course)
    Card Playing including
    Mahjong, Poker, Bridge, Gin, or Canasta
    Attending any of many club functions
  • Evening (4:30 till ??:??)
    Enjoying some of the amateur or professional entertainment offered
    Dinner at home or restaurant or socializing with neighbors and friends
    Card Playing including
    Mahjong, Poker, Bridge, Gin, or Canasta
    Tennis (after the weather cools down)

If you’re interested in knowing more about any of the 55+ communities, you’re in the right place. Our website offers up to the minute homes for sale and community information in more than 40 of the communities.

Candace and Joel offer more than 28 years of experience serving South Florida.  We specialize in 55+ communities and can offer you a wealth of information about them.  Want to know more –   CONTACT US





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