The Over 55 Communities lifecycle in Palm Beach County continues

Snowbird Stay or GoIt’s that time again. It’s time for the South Florida population to be reduced, Time for New York and New Jersey to gain in population, Time for our traffic to ease up.  It’s a time where waiting in restaurants is eliminated and it’s easy to reserve a tennis court.  So what time am I talking about?  It’s Snowbird Exodus time.

Every year around November or December, Over 55 snowbirds flock to Palm Beach County, Florida to enjoy our wonderful winters.  Every year around April and May, most of the snowbirds are eager to return home.

For South Florida realtors, the season for selling homes in Over 55 communities is winding down. If any realtors have been fortunate enough to have shown property to our departing snowbirds, they should stay in touch and continually remind them how wonderful Florida is (and it is).  Several Over 55 Communities have a 40% or more Snowbird population.  Come next September or October they’ll be chomping at the bit to start looking for their place in paradise (Florida). 

Ahh realtors, all is not lost, summertime is family house hunting time.  Families want to buy and move in before the school season starts.

For South Florida residents, It’s a time to say goodbye to some of our friends.  That’s a sad thing.  But some good things are  that life gets back to normal.  Traffic, crowds, restaurants, and the like become more tolerable.  It’s time for many of us to sit back and relax because come next year, we get to do it all over again.

Summertime is a good time to catch a bargain.  I live in an Over 55 Community (Villaggio).  Villaggio, like most other Over 55 Communities is a fun place to live and where we’ve come to make friends with people who all have things in common.  I’ve come to embrace the Snowbird cycle.  I’m happy to see them leave and I’m happy to have them return.  For me, it’s a good cycle.

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