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Joels PictureCandace Harelik - The Harelik TeamHi, I’m Joel of The Harelik Team.  After a rewarding 42 year career in computer retail sales and service, I decided to apply my technical knowledge to real estate.  Candace and I continue to use all of the tried and true methods of servicing our customers but in today’s world, the internet and social media have changed the way real estate business is done.  Combining my technical background, and Candace’s 26 years of experience produced a highly successful team.  “The Harelik Team”.

I’ve worked hard developing “The Harelik Team” web site.  It became the center of which Candace and I decided to invest our efforts.  Our goal is to offer excellent real estate marketing and customer service.  We decided to specialize in Active Adult Communities in Palm Beach County, an area in which we are knowledgeable.  We live in Villaggio, an over 55 community and we love it.  We’re big advocates of Active Adult Communities for persons over 55.

In today’s world, 87% of buyers do their real estate shopping on the internet.  Newspaper searching is almost a thing of the past.  The Harelik Team uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, our Blog, and Our Web Site.  We have professional pictures taken of our listings and we produce virtual tours that are uploaded to major real estate sites including,,, and many others.  We also upload our listing onto Craigslist.  These are  all excellent ways to promote our listings and we get fantastic results.


The Harelik Team Home PageThe Harelik Team web site has proven to be a great decision. In the development stage, the first several weeks were spent in coming up with the home page and site design. I’ve been adding content to the web site continually.  My technical background in business and marketing have made the web site superior to most other real estate sites.  The home page is warm, simple and inviting.  People decide within the first few seconds of visiting a site whether they’ll stay on that site or move on.  Our site, compared to other real estate web sites offer more information and will entice most people to stay on the site.  It looks very inviting and professional, but you already know that because you’re on our web site now.

The Harelik Team web site is connected directly with the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  It’s updated every day so that all real estate information that is pulled up by our visitors is current information.


Dogs eating with Knives and ForksThe site has a lot of content.  I searched all over for things to put on it.  I created a non real estate page for entertainment value.  It’s called “Videos to Make You Smile”.  (If you click on the picture to the left, I think you’ll smile)  I selected nine short videos for you to enjoy.  This page is one of the things that make our site different.


I created an Page featuring 30 different Active Adult Communities.  Candace and I decided promote Ocean and Intracoastal properties as well because  Candace knows that market extremely well so I created an Ocean and Intracoastal page which starts at $100,000 to the sky’s the limit (Millions).  It offers property groupings in $100,000 increments.   There sure is a lot of that kind of property.  Too much to see if it wasn’t broken in groups.

Being as The Harelik Team works out of the Coldwell Banker Wellington Office and we love the Village of Wellington, we decided to add Wellington Real Estate for sale.  It is also organized in $100,000 increments.

Our web site and Blog are constanly being updated.  It’s a great place to search for property, find out what your home is worth and to keep finding interesting information thru our Blog.  Keep checking back, you’ll probably see something new.

We hope that you find our web site to be informative and entertaining.

Here’s to a GREAT relationship with you and The Harelik Team.

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