See the Tree how big it’s grown in a 55+ (55 Plus) Community.

GrowthJust because you live in a 55+ (55 Plus) Active Adult Community, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy watching a tree mature.  Just as we grow and mature, so do all things in nature.  In Florida in particular, plants and trees grow and mature very quickly.

When I originally moved to Florida in 1989, I lived in Tampa (Central Florida).  Since Tampa is in a sub-tropical climate, I didn’t have to opportunity to see any coconut palms (they don’t grow in sub-tropical climates).  When we moved to Palm Beach County (a tropical climate) and purchased our Villaggio home (a 55+ community), We had a coconut palm in our front yard and I took an interest to see how coconuts grow.

Coconut Pod OpeningThey start growing inside a pod. When the time is right, the pod splits mature coconutsopen and long finger emerge.  Each finger has bumps on them. (They’re the coconuts). In total, each pod may have 10 to 20 or more potential coconuts.  It’s interesting to watch them develop into the real deal (becoming coconuts).

Mature Sylvester PalmsI’m not a gardener but I have taken to one of our palm trees in particular.  It is the popular Sylvester Palm (shown at left).  At that time a decent sized Sylvester Palm Tree was very expensive (several hundres of dollars).  So we had a very small one planted (my baby).  I personally took care of it, watering it, fertilizing it and pruning it.  (That’s rare for me).  I was very anxious to have it grow up and be as beautiful as some of the more mature Sylvesters.  It’s now about six years old and below are some the pictures I took during it’s development.

Baby Sylvester           Sylvester Bigger         Sylvester 5 Year Old
     Baby Sylvester                Sylvester About 3 years later      5 Year Comparison

As you can see, plants and trees really do grow fast in South Florida.

Sunny Florida is a wonderful place to live.  Candace and I specialize in 55+ communities in Palm Beach County which has more than 70 of them.  There are a variety of sizes, styles and prices.  Almost all of them offer a lifestyle with plenty of activities and amenities. 

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