Real Estate Agents are NOT Used Car Salesmen

Over 55 - Used Car SalesmanTrying to convince some of today’s buyers that we are no longer in a buyer’s market is an almost impossible task. Buyers tend to think of Real Estate Agents as Used Car Salesmen.  They think that Agents are out to get as much as they can.  Certainly there are some Agents that do that but the VAST majority of Real Estate Agents genuinely try to simply get the deal done.  The difference in the amount of commission over a few thousand dollars does not amount to much.

Personally, I provide buyer with the comparables to the home they are bidding on and advise them as to today’s market conditions.  Today, inventories are extremely low which accounts for the fact that the transaction advantage is with the seller.  Our office generally carries around 300 listings and today, we carry about 65 listings.  This decline is typical in almost all of Palm Beach County.  Today’s homes are selling quicker and for more money.  Often there are multiple offers and just as often, houses are selling for more than the asking price.  Even short sales and bank owned properties are selling quicker and for more money.

I’ve seen too many buyers lose out because they haven’t accepted the facts about today’s market.  Market conditions in over 55 communities are constantly changing.  In 2005, if you bought a house for asking price, you got a real bargain.  In the years that followed, the declining market turned around and buyers were in the driver’s seat.  Well, it’s turning around again.  Hopefully the trend will continue.

Need more information about today’s market conditions?  Need to know what your home is worth in todays market?  Need to find out what you dream home costs today.  Click this link to  check out Homes for Sales (City by City) (Select Property Search on the navigation bar) or give us a call, we’re happy to work with you whether you’re ready to do anything now or are just curious.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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