Over 55, Under 55, and Real Estate

 🙂 Being young is great but being 😀 over 55 doesn’t mean getting older, it means getting better.  For most, it offers the opportunity to finally take the time to enjoy life.  Experience and wisdom accumulates over the years because the older you get the more experience and wisdom you’ve obtained.


Many under the age of 55 have thought that the 55+ generation just doesn’t get it.  Maybe it’s that the under 55 group doesn’t get it. 

 The 55+ generation doesn’t see the real estate transactions the same way as the newer generation.   Real Estate has changed over the years.  Many of them have owned their home longer than the younger generation has been alive.

 In consideration of  55+ people buying or selling a home, there is much to consider.  Staging,  financing, adendums, 5 page property disclosures, title insurance, inspections, and lock boxes? What the heck?  Most of that is new to the older generation and seems overwhelming. 

 Patience can be a real estate virtue.  Real estate agents working with the 55+ generation must exhibit patience.  Instead of thinking that “time is of the essence,” try thinking that “patience is a virtue”.  A real estate agent must become a trusted advisor.

 Prices for units in 55+ communities rebounded from the recession much faster than the rest of the housing market.  Inventories are at a long time low. The demand for the 55+ life style is rapidly expanding.  Professionals in the real estate industry better be ready or they will be left behind.

 When looking to move into or out of a 55+ community, seek specialists who are the best of the best and settle for nothing less.  Use professional real estate agents to assist with the inevitable challenges of buying or selling a home.

 The Harelik Team has 30+ years of experience and specializes in the 55+ life style.  Palm Beach County offers more than seventy 55+ communities

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The Harelik Team


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