Over 55 Communities Dog and Pony Show

Over 55 Dog and Pony Show

Whenever I encounter buyers looking in over 55 communities in Palm Beach County, I ask them if they mind if I give them my Schpeel (my dog and pony show)

Since I’ve come to live in an Over 55 Community, I’ve become a believer that the lifestyle offered in a Active Adult Community is worth bragging about, especially for those who are not sure of what to expect (like me before I purchased in Villaggio).

Here’s my Schpeel.
If you’re considering an Over 55 Community, realize that each of the over 70 communities in Palm Beach County has its own flavor.  Things to be considered are:

  • The age of the community.  Some prefer newer communities.  Some of the older communities are more affordable.  If worried about maintenance and repairs, a home service policy should set your mind at ease.
  • The size of the community.  They range in size from about 150 homes to over 1,200 homes.  In my opinion, in large communities, it’s more difficult to fit in or become a part of the community.  On the other hand, some prefer larger communities.  In some of the smaller communities tend to be less active and the aminities are on a smaller scale.
  • The amenities that are offered.  You should definitely look at the amenities and check the social calendar.  All adult communities offer a variety of amenities and activities.  Some are nicer than others and some offer amenities that are not offered by others.  Amenities such as a Café, Racquetball Court, Salons, Indoor Pool, Resistance Pool, Social Director  and so on.  It’s important that the community amenities and activities fit your needs.
  • The People in the community. Engage some of the people that live there.  Ask how they like it, how long they’ve lived there, the pluses and minuses of the community.  Is it friendly?  Is it welcoming?

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 Here’s another video about The Over 55 Lifestyle – The Next Chapter of your life

As you can see, I’m a real advocate of the Over 55 – Active Adult Lifestyle.

Want to know more???  Contact The Harelik Team.  Our web site features more than 40 of the most popular Over 55 communities.  We’re happy to answer any questions and better yet, show you first hand what living in an Over 55 Community is like.

Give is a call, We’d love to hear from you.


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