Over 55 Communities – Buy with the Mortgage that pays you.

Reverse Mortgage

How to Buy a Home


               NO  ASSETS

                    NO   CREDIT  CHECK   !!!


…and simply put down 50% or LESS  !!!

 A bonus for most residents in Over 55 Communities.

If you’re 62 years old or older, the Federal Government allows you to do just that, by using a Government Insured Reverse Mortgage.

And what makes it even better, is that you do not have to pay any mortgage payments for the rest of your or your spouse’s life!!!

You can still own your home, and can pass it on to your heirs !!

You can save the money you would have spent, and use it however you like!!

You can live with peace of mind with little or no debt !!!


Do you already Own your home?

With enough equity in your home, you can get a reverse mortgage and have

  • NO HOME PAYMENTS for the rest of your life
  • Get a LUMP SUM of money for whatever you wish to do
  • Have it PAY YOU MONEY every month.


Going to pay cash for your home??

Let’s say you’re buying a home for $400,000 and are going to pay cash.  Not a bad way to go.  Consider this.  Let’s say your purchase the home with only $200,000 down and get a reverse mortgage.  What the advantage???


  • You now have $200,000 TO INVEST or do whatever you want
  • You have NO HOME PAYMENTS for the rest of your life

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 Sound Interesting????

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