Over 55 – Active Adult Community??? Why???

Villaggio - an Over 55 Active Adult CommunityAs in some of my previous blogs about Over 55  – Active Adult Communities, I’ve given my own perspective of what it’s like to live in a 55 plus community.   I asked one of my neighbors to write his own perspective.  Richard G has lived in Villaggio since it’s inception and he’s a very active and vocal member of our HOA Board of Directors.  In addition, he keeps busy playing golf, tennis and is active in the mens club.  Richard and his wife are also socially involved in the community.

Here is Richards writing.

And I should move into a senior community, why?

I moved to Florida over six years ago & I consider it one of the best moves I ever made. I’m living in “Villaggio” a gated, 55 & over senior development & I love it.

For those considering THE MOVE here are some of the advantages of choosing a similar type of enviroment:

1) SAFETY: It offers some measure of security. Unwanted vehicles are prevented from entering but individuals can’t be prevented from entering if they want to get in. This means that the chances of anyone taking your TV Set, Refrigerator or any sizable equipment is very unlikely. They will only be able to get items like cash or jewelry & since, as I told my wife, jewelry is going out of style, there isn’t much to lose.

2) FUN & GAMES: In a community like this there is something to satisfy everyone everyday if you want to get involved. There are sports like Tennis, Golf, Softball, Racketball, Bocce, Billiards, Bike Riding, Walking & many others & there’s always someone to do it with. There are also many clubs such as Bridge, Poker, Arts & Crafts, etc. for those who want to keep their eyes & fingers moving. Then there are many charities to join, events to partake of, gossip (a major activity), get togethers, parties & other events to keep you busy. Other major activities are eating out, eating out, eating out & a fitness center for those who want to lose the weight they gained by eating out. A beautiful pool area is available as well.

3) BECOMING A MACHA (Big Shot): You can become a member of the HOA (Home Owner’s Association) or join a committee. You would be surprised at how many people can hate you at one time.

4) RETIRED NECESSITIES: Throw away your lawnmower, your tools & everything you had in your basement & attic (no room for them). Meet friends, Greet friends & delete friends.


Thanx Richard

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