Pickle and The Reverse Mortgage

When a pickle cost a nickel, many of us could afford most things. As life got more complicated and much more expensive, in too many personal cases this was no longer true. Many homeowners over the age of 55 have felt the noose tightening for a number of years, and the dramatic turndown since 2007 has only worsened matters for a significant number of families.

Over 55 - Reverse Mortgage InformationRefinancing with a Reverse Mortgage

When finances are tight, and people have to make dramatic budget cuts for the basics of food, clothing, shelter, medicines and health care, a Reverse Mortgage could be the life saver you are looking for. If both spouses are over 62 years old and have 50% or more equity in the current value of their home when compared to any existing mortgages, they could easily qualify for a Reverse Mortgage. Here are some of the Pros & Cons of a Reverse Mortgage: 

    • NO Income check
    • NO Asset check
    • NO Credit check (except to make sure there are no federal liens)
    • NO Credit score MiniNmum
  • NO longer have to pay any monthly Mortgage payment for the rest of your life, as long as you remain in your home, keep it presentable, and pay your home taxes, maintenance and insurance.
    • Yes !!  You still own your home
    • Yes !!  Your heirs will be the beneficiaries when both spouses pass away
    • Yes !!  Any money you receive after paying off existing mortgages is TAX FREE
    • Yes !!  You can receive a lump sum payment
    • Yes !!  You can receive a line of credit
    • Yes !! You can receive a monthly annuity
    • Yes !! You can receive a combination of the above 3 choices

Purchase with a Reverse mortgage

 Why spend all your cash on a purchase of your new primary residence? As long as you are 62 years old, without any income or credit check as stated above, you can purchase your next home with as little as 50% down, take the balance with a Reverse Mortgage, and keep the rest of your cash in a safe investment to protect your future!! You will never have to pay a mortgage payment for the rest of your life !!! 

For Further Reverse Mortgage Information and Qualification Contact your local bank.

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