Over 55 – Active Adult Communities – 55 Plus – Are They Right For You??

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I was in my early sixties and had a business in Ft Lauderdale.  I had worked hard all of my life.  I lived close to my business in a all age community and owned a single family home.  Things were good.


My wife had been researching Active Adult Communities.  “Hmmm,” I thought. “What’s this all about?”   I didn’t know anything about them or what to expect.  Retirement?  Old Age? Old People?  a place where it will end?  Wanting to please my wife, I didn’t argue with her and we purchased a home in a 55 plus community.  Villaggio is an Active Adult Community located in Lake Worth.


During construction of our new home we had opportunities to meet others who were having their homes built as well.  We started socializing, going out to dinner and talking about our new homes and our new life.


What we all had in common was our age group, moving into a new home in a new community.  It was like a new beginning.  We all seemed to get along and as the community developed, groups of friends (cliques) formed.  Some mixed with others and some didn’t.


Suffice to say, my wife and I now find ourselves celebrating over 12 years in our Villaggio home in a lifestyle that keeps us ticking.


We’re very happy with the lifestyle we’ve choosen.  Here’s what it offers to us and why were so pleased to be living in a 55 plus community.


1. Living in a close community allows us to get to know our neighbors well and to create new friendships.  Nearly everyone wants to make new friends. Social activities, clubs, entertainment, a friendly cafe, all the amenities and neighborhood camaraderie make it easy to get started.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a community like this then it just isn’t for you.


2. With the diversity of people, where they’re from, their backgrounds and professions, we are able to learn so much from each other.  We have a mix of experts, high-level achievers, community leadership, organizers of clubs, hobbies, sports, and social activities.  With all that’s going on, there is never a dull moment.


3. We can do it all in one place and that’s right here in Villaggio. With multiple clubs and groups to join, everything from ballroom dance lessons to Zumba, from writing to arts and crafts, from card games and billiards to mens and womens clubs and many other choices that go on and on. If you can’t find a club that meets your interests, you simply start one. Engage in all that you want and say no to those you don’t.  Everybody understands and if your answer is no, it’s no big deal.


4. Maintenance Free Living is a wonderful thing.  Whether we decide to go on vacation or stay home and relax, it’s nice knowing that everything around us is being taken care of.  The common areas are beautiful.  Our lawn and shrubberies  are  taken care of.  All of the individual properties look great and the best thing is that we didn’t have to do the work.


5. At this stage of our lives, it’s all about us.  Whether retired, working part or full time, there is plenty to do.  I for one am still working full time.  The times I’m not working, I can either involve myself in activities that I enjoy or I can decide to just relax. Whichever I decide, it’s all good.


Now I know what it’s like living in an Over 55 – Active Adult Community.  I’ve become a believer.  I’ve become an advocate.  My wife and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  That’s why we (The Harelik Team) specialize in Active Adult Communities.  Some of the more sought after Communities are  Baywinds, Villaggio, Bellaggio, all of the Valencias (7 in all).  There all nice.  Need help in finding one that right for you.  Give us a call.


The Harelik Team
Joel and Candace Harelik
Joel –      561-374-4030
Candace 561-927-7566

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