My First Experience at Pickleball.

Today was my first experience being on a Pickleball court.  I live in Villaggio, a 55+ community in Palm Beach County, Florida.  We are considering putting in Pickleball courts.  In an attempt to expose Pickleball to our Villaggio residents, every Tuesday and Thursday they hold Pickleball demonstrations for those who are curious or want to try it.

I’m an avid tennis player.  I play tennis 4 times a week (weather permitting).  My first reaction to trying Pickleball was very positive.  Do I think I’d like to have pickleball in the community?  You Bet.  Not only would it enhance the value of the properties in Villaggio but would offer a new non demanding sport for those who would enjoy it.  I also think I’d like to play more Pickleball. 

Above is a graphic that I made to show some of the differences between Tennis and Pickleball.

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