Life expectancy of Appliances and 55+ persons

Life ExpectancyIn the late 1800’s the life expectancy for people was 40 to 48 years.  Things have gotten a lot better since then.  Today, the average life expectancy for women is 81 years while for men it 76 years.  As time goes on, the life expectancies get longer and longer.


 Tomorrow I turn 72 years old.  Today I played tennis against two men who were in their mid-eighties.  They beat the heck out of us.  Don’t tell me (or them) that it’s almost over for us.  I expect another 15 to 20 years.


Appliance BrandsThat’s People, What about Appliances?

When in the market for a home, the age of appliances is a major consideration.  Like anything else, the life expectancy depends somewhat on how well the appliance was designed and used.  The life span of an appliance is affected most by the frequency of on-and-off cycles.  An air conditioner in the Phoenix area ranges from 8 to 10 years while the same air conditioner in Minnesota may last twice as long.

 The following material was developed for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Economics Department based on a survey of manufacturers, trade associations and product researchers. Many factors affect the life expectancy of housing components and need to be considered when making replacement decisions, including the quality of the components, the quality of their installation, their level of maintenance, weather and climatic conditions, and intensity of their use. Some components remain functional but become obsolete because of changing styles and tastes or because of product improvements. Note that the following life expectancy estimates are provided largely by the industries or manufacturers that make and sell the components listed.

Life Expectancy of Household Components
Appliances Life in years
Compactors 10
Dishwashers 10
Dryers 14
Disposal 10
Freezers, compact 12
Freezers, standard 16
Microwave ovens 11
Electric ranges 17
Gas ranges 19
Gas ovens 14
Refrigerators, compact 14
Refrigerators, standard 17
Washers, automatic and compact 13
Exhaust fans 20
Cabinetry Life in years
Kitchen cabinets 15-20
Medicine cabinets and vanities 20
Countertops Life in years
Laminate 10-15
Ceramic tile, high-grade installation Lifetime
Wood/butcher block 20+
Granite 20+
Doors Life in years
Screen 25-50
Interior, hollow core Less than 30
Interior, solid core 30-lifetime
Exterior, protected overhang 80-100
Exterior, unprotected and exposed 25-30
Folding 30-lifetime
Garage doors 20-50
Garage door opener 10
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) Life in years
Central air conditioning unit (newer units should last longer) 15
Window unit 10
Air conditioner compressor 15
Humidifier 8
Electric water heater 14
Forced air furnaces, heat pump 15
Plumbing Life in years
Waste piping, cast iron 75-100
Sinks, enamel steel 5-10
Sinks, enamel cast iron 25-30
Sinks, china 25-30
Faucets, low quality 13-15
Faucets, high quality 15-20
Roofing Life in years
Asphalt and wood shingles and shakes 15-30
Tile (depends on quality of tile and climate) 50
Slate (depends on grade) 50-100
Sheet metal (depends on gauge of metal and quality of fastening and application) 20-50+


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