Important Diet and Exercise Information for those Over 55 (55+).

Over 55 Exercise & DietOver time, exercise trends are constantly changing but the basics are the basics. There are certain actions that just can’t be replaced.

One of my pet peeves is about the way most public fitness centers train you.  They don’t distinguish you as an individual.  Everyone gets the same exercise routine.  Whether your 250+ lbs and out of shape or 145lbs an in relatively good shape, the routine is the routine.

Over 55 WeightsEXERCISE:
Exercise, especially for those over 55 (or any age for that matter) should include  some basics.  The first thing to know, is your goal (what are you trying to accomplish).  Get fit, lose weight, get healthy, tone up, bulk up. Many don’t know what their goal is.  I recommend that you search within yourself and establish a goal.

Resistance Training is weight training for your muscles. Using lighter weight and more repetitions will tend to tone your muscles.  Heavier weight and less repetitions will help to Build your muscles.  If you’re over 55 and going to use resistance training, I suggest lighter weight and more repetitions.

Over 55 AerobicsAerobic Training is exercise for your heart.  It is the best method of exercise to lose weight because it burn the most calories.  At our age, if you are not going to do both Resistance and Aerobics, I suggest you consider Aerobics. Of course, the combination of both is best.

Most Over 55 Communities have fitness centers.  If you’re not using it, you’re missing out on a wonderful resource.  After all, you’re paying for it.


Over 55 Diet - Good or BadDIET:
If you’re trying to lose weight, here are some facts you should know:

  • It’s all about calories.  Whether you’re trying exercise and/or diet, it’s about how many calories you use (exercise) and how many calories you take in (eating).
  • 3,500 calories equals one pound of fat.  Look at a package with 4 sticks of butter, That’s one pound of fat.  Reduction of 3,500 calories a week equals losing one pound of fat each week.
  • Exercise burns calories.  There are many choices which exercise is best.  Some include.  Walking, Swimming, Jogging, Biking, Treadmil, Swimming, Aerobics Classes and more.  So what’s the best one for you?  The answer is anyone that you WILL do.

My choice for losing weight is to calorie count.  Know your calories counts (it’s easy to get calorie charts) and determine what caloric intake will lose weight for you,  I eat ANYTHING I want BUT I stop when I reach my limit (between 1,500 and 2,000 per day)  Sometime’s it’s easy and sometimes It’s hard,especially on weekends.  I give myself one day a week to blow it.  It  still works.

In summary, Exercise and Diet are important but especially for those of us Over 55.  Your decision to do either or both will real HUGE rewards.  The secret to success is repetition (keep on doing it).


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