How a 55+ Home in Villaggio sold in just 1 week.

Villaggio is a popular 55+ Community in Lake Worth, Florida. At this time in most 55+ communities, it’s a sellers market because inventories are low, interest rates are good and there are buyers out there.  The secret to selling you home, knowing that everything sells

This home was staged properly but most importantly, it was priced right.
Click on the home for sale picture above to view brief video of this home.
Click on the word Villaggio above to view a brief video of Villaggio.

There are more than seventy 55+ communities in Palm Beach County, Florida.  There are large and small 55+ communities, there are expensive and inexpensive 55+ communities, there are active and less active 55+ communities, there are older and newer 55+ communities.  The bottom line is that if you’re over 55, there is a community here that’s just right for you.

Care to know more about 55+ communities in Palm Beach County??? 

Contact “The Harelik Team

Below is a video that shows many 55+ communities including the 8 GL Home Valencia Communities.  How many of them can you recognize????


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