House Smells makes a big difference in 55+ or All Age Communities.

Simple or Complex Smells


An old standby smell for showing a home for sale is freshly baked cookies.  New research suggests that you should NOT expect that aroma to sell your home.  A study on the effects of aromas conducted by Eric Spangenberg, dean of the college of business at Washington State University has found that complex smells, like baked goods and potpourri are likely to dampen enthusiasm for a fast sale.

Spangengerg and his co-authors conducted a study of 402 people in a home décor store over a period of 18 days.  They found that shoppers spent a whopping 31.8% more on average when the store was scented with a simple orange scent over a complex blend of orange, basil and green tea.  Whether it’s a home décor store or an open house, the same principles apply.  Aromas may affect a  person’s cognitive functions in areas of the brain involved in decision making.

When complex scents are used, even when they’re pleasant, tend to be a distraction.  Subconsciously, people spend time and energy trying to figure what the aroma is. 

At open houses, people are there to process the decision “is this a place where they want to live”.  Subconsciously, complex smells deter them.  Spangenberg recommends simple scents, such as basil, Pine  or lemon.  They are less distracting and easier to process and more conducive to spending.

Scents should be complimentary.  A cedar smell in a mountain home is better than a cedar smell in Florida Communities.  Think about which scents can be associated with the environment.  It should be a simple and positive scent.

The research stated above does not deter many real estate agents from firing up the oven and baking Cookies or pumpkin pie.  Many feel that these scents give the impression of being at home.

Natural scents work great.  Pine branches, mint, lavender, basis or anything from your herb garden.

Artificial Scents vs Natural scents.

Whichever you choose, GOOD LUCK.

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