For Active Adults: Tennis, Advil, & Aleve – They all go together

Over 55 - Active Adult Communities and TennisOne thing that just about all Active Adult Communities have in common is Tennis.  Generally they are Har-Tru  courts which is well suited for persons Over 55.  The ball bounces a little slower (our theme song) and it’s easier on the body.

There are always Active Adults willing to play tennis.  Doubles play in the most common although a few people like to play single.  Tennis is played for competitive reasons or to get some exercise and try to stay limber ( That’s where the Advil or Aleve come in).

There are many Over 55 communities that participate in both men’s and women’s league play.  As in most sports, some rivalries do exist.  At the end of the day, it’s designed to be social and for all to enjoy the game of tennis.

I personally do not play in any league but I do play every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  Also on Thursday night and we play couples on Sunday mornings.  (Maybe now you can understand the Advil and Aleve).

There are player of all levels.  Super Beginners to Super Good and all levels in between.  Everyone seems to seek their own level (or the level they think they are).

I feel as if tennis is one of the things that keep me feeling young both mentally and physically.  It’s a wonderful exercise and something that I look forward to.  A few years agoI switched from Golf to Tennis because 1. It’s more exercise, 2. It’s less expensive and 3. It’s easier to fit into my schedule (I’m still working).

Our tennis pro (most over 55 communities have one) conducts a monthly group lesson for anyone who wishes to participate.  It helps me out.  I find it’s much easier to do what he wants during his lesson than it is when I’m playing in a real game.

Many players in Villaggio (Where I live) are well into their eighties.  Some still move pretty well (and then again, some don’t).

If you live in an Over 55 Community or are thinking about moving to one, consider the information in this post.  It’s worked well for me as well as many other in the community.


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