Florida Over 55 – Active Adult Season is Winding Down

Snowbirds are leaving Active Adult CommunitiesTis the season for Active Adult snowbirds to prepare for their flight home.  Most Southeast snowbirds are returning to New York, New Jersey and all around the town.  It seems that Southeast Florida attracts mostly from the East Coast and Southwest Florida attracts more from the Mid West.

April and May is the time when snowbirds are more interested in getting home than they are in looking for next year’s place to buy, rent or return to their second (or third) home.  If any realtor’s have been fortunate enough to have shown property to our departing snowbirds, they should stay in touch and continually remind them how wonderful Florida is (and it is).  Come next September or October they’ll be chomping at the bit to start looking for their place in paradise (Florida). 

Most buyers in Active Adult Communities either buy for cash or are able to put a large chuck of change as down payment.  Most have reached a stage in life where they can afford it and feel that they’ve earned the Florida Winter Lifestyle.

The reasons that most Active Adult Snowbirds are Snowbirds are Sons, Daughters and Grandchildren that still live up north.  They want the best of both worlds which includes our wonderful winters where their families can visit; they can play golf during the winter months and catch up on the other snowbirds that they haven’t seen since last year.

In late spring and summer, Real Estate transactions in Active Adult Communities slows down dramatically.  Active Adult Communities change complexion.  Several communities have a 40% or more Snowbird population.  Summer months bring Traffic and Restaurant relief.  The average ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival to anywhere) improves and the waiting for tables in restaurants is eliminated. 

GL Homes LogoGL Homes must believe in the future of Active Adult Communities as they continue to build them.  The Valencia Series (7 in all) in Palm Beach County are all Active Adult Communities.  New homes and resale activity slows in the summer.  It’s a good time to catch a bargain.  It’s time for many os us to sit back and relax because come next year, we get to do it all over again.

Villaggio - Active Adult CommunityI live in an Active Adult Community (Villaggio).  Villaggio, like most other Active Adult Communities it’s a fun place to live and where we’ve come to make friends with people who all have things in common.  I’ve come to embrace the Snowbird cycle.  I’m happy to see them leave and I’m happy to have them return.  For me, it’s a good thing.


2 responses to “Florida Over 55 – Active Adult Season is Winding Down

  1. Great insight into the traveling snowbirds between our states! Interesting that 40% actually leave during the summer months. Same holds here too in NJ where a good many 55+ residents leave to the South during the winter although we had a very mild winter this past year. Our busy months in adult community real estate are just getting started! 🙂

    1. Thanx for reading my blog and positive feedback. Good luck with your just getting started season. Question… Since I’m fairly new to blogging, I’m curious as to how you came across mine. My email is jmhemail@com

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