Confused about Over 55 Active Adult Communities – Read This

Which Over 55 - Active Adult Community is right for you?Thinking about moving into an Over 55 – Active Adult Community?

Are you confused as to what each community has to offer?

Are you unsure of what to expect from an Active Adult Community?


Well, if you’re already confused, this changing picture certainly doesn’t help. Ahhh, but all is not lost.  In this blog article I will attempt to sharpen the picture a little bit.  I want to talk about what Over 55 Communities have to offer regarding your lifestyle and activities plus things to consider about making your selection.


In one of my previous articles “Are Over 55 Communities Right For You” I talked about my experience in coming to terms with moving to an Over 55 Community.

Everyone is different, and if you qualify for living in an Over 55 Community (being over 55), you’ll have a lot in common with everyone that lives in one.  You’ve been working all your life and whether you continue to work, work part time or are retired, whether your a full time resident, snowbird or snowflake, you still have the commonality of your age and stage in life.

The amenities offered in most communities supply, physical, mental and social opportunities can suit a variety of interests.

If you are considering an Over 55 Community, things to consider are

  • Location – It should be close the the things that are important to you.  Friends, Family, Entertainment, Shopping, Attractions, and ease of getting around.
  • Size of the Community – Community sizes range from a couple of hundred home sites to close to 1,500 home sites.  The size of the community has a direct relationship to the social aspect of the community.  In a larger community, you’ll know a smaller percentage of the people in the community (not that it’s bad) but it should be a consideration.  Smaller communities sometime do not have all the amenities that larger communities have.  Research and decide what’s important to you.
  • Flavor of the Community –   Some communities are more active than others and some are more welcoming than others.  Engage people who live in each community and taste the flavor of each one on your own.  Ask your realtor if they have any input.
  • Age of the Community – Are you interested in new, fairly new, not so new or an older community.  Generally speaking, in older communities, the prices for comparable homes in lower.
  • HOA (Home Owners Association) – What are the fees?  What do they include? How healthy is their reserve? Is there harmony between the board members and the residents?  These are questions that should be addressed.

Engage the residents at each community, Ask your Realtor about each community. Visit each community at active times to see just how active the community really is.  Some are more active than others

Below are several links that can assist in your efforts to find a community that might be right for you. Click on any of the links below and start your journey of seeking an Over 55 Community that’s right for you.


Active Adult Communites by Community

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Active Adult Communities by Year Built

GL Homes Video – Over55 – The Valencia Series


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