55 Reasons to consider a 55+ Community

Candace and Joel (The Harelik Team) are huge advocates of the 55 Plus (55+) lifestyle.  There are more than seventy 55 plus (55+) Communities in Palm Beach County, Florida where you’ll find Delray Beach Homes for Sale, Boynton Beach Homes for Sale, Lake Worth Homes for Sale and Boca Raton Homes for Sale.  Our website highlights over 40 communities where you can see “All Homes for Sale” by city or by community.  You’ll also find Community information for each community.
I’ve compiled a list of 55 reasons to consider living in a 55+ community.  You may get a few of these in an All Age Community but you’ll most likely get most of them in a 55+ Community.

Look thru them, I’m sure you’ll find more than one that will peak your interest.

        1.     No Grass to cut
        2.     No Lawns to water
        3.     No landscape trimming
        4.     Entrance Security
        5.     Tennis
        6.     Community Pool
        7.     Clubs Galore
        8.     Softball
        9.     Bocci Ball
       10.    Professional Entertainment
       11.    Poker
       12.    Bridge
       13.    Canasta
       14.    Mah-Jongg
       15.    Theater Group
       16.    Excursions
       17.    Fitness Center
       18.    Raquetball
       19.    Social Director
       20.   Property Manager
       21.    Billiards
       22.    Water Aerobics
       23.    Aerobic Classes
       24.    Zumba Classes
       25.    Community Publication
       26.    Special Events
       27.    Close Knit Community
       28.    Socialize
      29.     Dinner Parties
      30.     Movies
      31.     Basic Cable +  
      32.     Café
      33.     No Big Wheels
      34.     No Halloween Pranksters
      35.     Tennis Tounaments
      36.     Bocci Tournaments
      37.     Softball Tournaments
      38.     Stickball
      39.     Dance Classes
      40.     Arts and Crafts
      41.     Multi Media Room
      42.     Library
      43.     Meeting Rooms
      44.     HOA Regulations
      45.     Community Kept Beautiful
      46.     Golf Clubs
      47.     Chorus
      48.     Bowling Leagues
      49.     Chess Club
      50.     Art Film Club
      51.     Cruises
      52.     Guest Speakers
      53.     Needlecraft
      54.     Community Website
      55.    Community Channel (TV)


55 plus (55+) Communities truly offers a carefree lifestyle.    (That’s reason number 56).

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55+ Communities with a Cafe in Palm Beach County, Fl

There are more than seventy 55+ communities in Palm Beach County, Fl. Only 18 of them have a cafe.

A cafe in a 55+ community is a big plus. Not only is it convenient but it’s also a large part of the social aspect of the 55+ lifestyle.

Below is a link to the 55+ communities with a cafe. Not having a cafe is not a stopper for many 55+ buyers but having a cafe is a big plus in my book.

Most of these are in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach or Lake Worth.

Click on the link below to see communities with a cafe.
55+ communities with a Cafe

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Villaggio – a 55+ Community in Palm Beach County, Fl

Villaggio, also called Camp Villaggio by it’s residents, is a sought after 55+ community in Palm Beach County, Fl. It’s located close to shopping, entertainment, restaurants, air port and of course, the Atlantic Ocean.

It is a pet friendly community that allows up to 2 dogs with no weight limit. It’s residents, activities and a multitude of clubs offer a lifestyle that if you’re over 55, you deserve to be part of.

It consists of 538 single family homes, which is just small enough to fit into and just large enough to enjoy the state of the art amenities that are second to none.

Click this link to see what is CURRENTLY FOR SALE IN VILLAGGIO

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Know What Will Be Required Of You In A 55+ Community

When deciding to live in a retirement community, you’ll probably sign an agreement which states what you can expect from the community and what the community will expect from you. If you have never lived in a home or condo with a community organization, like a homeowners association (HOA), you may be surprised to discover yourself limited in more ways than you anticipated. Rules for parking, decorating your home, lawn maintenance and more may be in place.

Living in an HOA or Condo community is like politics.  Some things you will like and some things, not so much.  All of that being said, the overall intent of community associations are to make policies that are best for the community.

Some 55 and over communities have rules in place restricting who can live in the property. For example, you may find out that both a husband and wife need to be at least fifty-five years old. Some retirement communities do not allow kids to be residing in the property at all. Often people ask if they can purchase into a 55 and over community if one of the spouses is less than 55. These are questions that should be researched before buying.

You may be wondering how it is lawful for a community to be able to discriminate based on age. There is an exception in the fair housing act called The “Housing For Older Persons Exemption”. You can read more about this on HUD.GOV website.

Make sure you are OK with the answers before you buy.

What is a 55+ and Older Community?

55+ Active Adult Retirement Communities are neighborhoods that have been built for adults who are at least 55 years of age. The age limit is not always set in stone. In Florida there is an 80/20 rule, meaning that 20% of the residents can be under the age of 55. Each community can elect to conform to the 80/20 rule or not. Many seniors living in 55+ retirement communities are in fact retired from their nine to five jobs although there are many still working either full time or part time. Retirement communities can be single family homes, condos or even apartment living.

55+ Active Adult Communities are an attractive option for older home buyers. They offer a broad range of choices all of which are designed to make retirement more attractive, healthier and more enjoyable than it would be if you were to buy and live in an “All Age” community. Most often, these communities offer plenty of amenities and clubs to keep you busy and they can be gated for additional security.

There is much to consider when buying a home or a condo in a retirement community. There are things you should know before Buying. It is considerably different buying what may be your last home than buying your first home. There are some factors that are unique that cater to older buyers.

Retirement Communities – Buying A Home Or Condo
Weigh the positives and negatives of each housing type.
Before looking at retirement communities, decide on what kind of housing that’s most desirable to your budget and lifestyle. You want to buy a property that you can be happy with.  Single-family homes offer more privacy, but a usually harder to maintain (although many communities provide maintenance and upkeep services – for a price), while condos are generally much easier to maintain, but offer less privacy. Make sure that you have an understanding of which housing choice may be the best fit for your financial and lifestyle choices.

In Palm Beach County, Florida there is a large corridor of more than seventy 55+ communities. You can click on the following links to find

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