An Over 55 – Active Adult Tennis Excursion

Active Adult Tennis GroupMost Active Adults enjoy the amenities that are within their Over 55 Communities.  Often, some of these activities reach outside the Communities comfort zone.

I live in Villaggio, one of more than 50 Active Adult Communities in Palm Beach County.  For those of us who enjoy Tennis, we play regularly with others within the community.  This past weekend, our Sunday Morning couples tennis group organized a two day tennis extravaganza.  We had made reservations at South Sea Island Resort in Captiva.  First and foremost, I highly recommend it as a place you may want to go to.  They were considerate enough to group all of us in adjacent units so we were all together. Great accommodations and there was certainly plenty to do.

Each couple was responsible for some part of the outing.  Some brought beer and wine, some brought appetizers and some brought breakfast.  Each morning started out with 1 ½ to two hours of couples tennis.  We had the courts all to ourselves so we didn’t have to worry about getting off the courts at a certain time.  After Tennis, we went to the “Breakfast Unit” (one of our units) where we all enjoyed eggs, bagels, juice and coffee.  We also enjoyed each other’s company and some of the greatest weather one could hope for.

After breakfast, it was time to change into our beach clothes and walk (yes walk) to the beach.  Chaises and umbrellas galore.  We set up and enjoyed all that a beautiful beach on the Gulf of Mexico has to offer.  Reading, Napping, Conversations, going into the Gulf and people watching.  2 or 3 hours on the beach makes you forget about anything else going on in the world. (Romney and Obama)

After walking back from the beach, we showered, relaxed (even more) and waited until about 5 o’clock where we all met for appitizers  (with beer and wine of course).  Again, more of enjoying each other’s company and feeling carefree.

Where to go for dinner.  Earlier in the day we had already made that decision so we all looked forward to and knew where we were going to eat.  We spend an hour or so at dinner (which was both fun and delicious.  After dinner, back to our rooms to do whatever.  We then go to bed, get up the next morning and do it all again.  Not a bad couple of days.

Would you like to participate in an Over 55 Activity?  Candace and I (The Harelik Team) would be happy to show you any of the more than 50 Active Adult Communities.  Simply give us a call.


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