About FHA Loans – For Buyers in Over 55 and All Age Communities

FHA LoansEveryone’s heard the term FHA and everyone knows that is has to do with mortgages.  How many of you have ever thought about an FHA loan for yourself?

FHA financing has come a long way.  Many people don’t know that it can help them get into a home that they didn’t think they could afford.  How? – by reducing the down payment requirement to as low as 3 1/2 percent.


FHA doesn’t actually give the loan.  They guarantee the loan to the lending institution that gives the loan.  There are certain costs involved with getting an FHA Loan but there are costs involved in getting any loan.

If you’ve been wondering about how an FHA loan may benefit you, click on the link below.


If you have questions or need help in Selling your home or finding your dream home, give us a call. We sell homes in all communities and specialize in Over 55 Communities.


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