55 plus – Active Adult Communities – North vs South

New HampshireIt is now September 22, 2012 and Candace and I (The Harelik Team) are visiting the White Mountain Region of New Hampshire.  This time of year, the nights may go into the thirties and daytime temperatures are in the high sixties to low seventies.  Dress appropriately and it’s just fine.  The White Mountain region is absolutely beautiful.

I decided to checkout 55 Plus – Active Adult Communities in New Hampshire.  There are several.  I found one web site that appealed to me and I’ve taken pieces of it and have printed them below.  For the Cold Loving and Hearty Active Adults, this is a wonderful area.

As for me, I love the lifestyle of our Active Adult Community home in Villaggio.  Tennis and Golf all year.  Maintenance free and as the name suggests, Active.

Here is part of the article from Jim Millers Web Site. It’s a nice web site to see some New Hampshire Active Adult Community homes.

But what about the over-55 community?  With cold, snowy New England winters, many older people decide that dealing with the snow is just too much work and simply move to the southern states mainly to avoid the sometimes painful upkeep of their property during the winter months.  Owning your own home can be daunting, especially in the deep winter months when the snow starts piling up and the joints in your body are already complaining.  Well, what if snow became a non-issue and your property’s upkeep was someone else’s responsibility?

Most Active Adult Communities in New Hampshire  include property upkeep and snow removal relieving you of the responsibility and suddenly making winter life in southern NH more than bearable – and perhaps even enjoyable.  Winter is one of New Hampshire’s most beautiful times of the year – as long as you’re not shoveling.

That’s all well and good but I for one choose to leave the snow behind me (in my past).  Click here if you care to know more about some Palm Beach County popular Active Adult Communities.

Candace and I are happy to be here in New Hampshire and for sure, we’ll be happy to come back to the lifestyle that we love so much.


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