55+ people and 55+ dogs go hand in hand

Meet Devon, Rocko and Charlie.

Rocko, Devon and CharlieEvery morning, noon, dinner time and night when I’m walking my dogs (Devon – 15 years old and Rocko 10 years old), I pass other 55+ residents (friends)  walking their dogs.  I know that the people are 55+, but what about the dogs. 

If you use the rule that every 1 people year equals 7 dog years, a dog needs to be almost 8 years old to be 55+.  I think most of the ones I see are 55+.

Pets are true to their owners. It’s unconditional love.  As they age they have mental and physical changes happen to them  just like we do.  They become more dependent and more needy.  Unconditional love should work both ways. 

There are more than seventy 55+ communities in Palm Beach County, Florida and the vast majority allow dogs with some restrictions such as the number of pets allowed, weight, breed, etc.

If you’d like to know which communities allow pets,

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