55+ Delray Beach, Boynton Beach – The Good the Bad & the Ugly

The Good The Bad The UglyThere are more than seventy 55+ Active Adult Communities in Palm Beach County, Florida. Deciding which 55+ community is right for you can be very confusing.

Some Include:
Delray Beach Homes for Sale,
Boynton Beach Homes for Sale     plus more than 40
Palm Beach County Homes for Sale

There is the good, the bad and the ugly.  Some communities are large (over 2,000 homes) and some communities are small (105 homes).  Some are older and some are newer.  The construction dates range from the 1970’s right on up to today.  Some have more amenities than others.  Some offer several activities and clubs.  The smaller communities tend to offer less. Some have café’s and some don’t.  Some have liberal pet policies and some do not allow pets.  The price range varies from the low $50’s to over 1 million dollars. Below is a chart showing statistics for a few of the more popular communities. It shows some of what most people want to know about any community.  Click on any of the communities and see what is currently for sale in that community.

Community                                City # of Homes   Year Built   Café  Pet Policy Starting Prices
 Aberdeen Boynton Beach 724 1983-1990     Low   $100’s
Aberdeen C/Club Boynton Beach 2,900 1988-2000     Low   $100’s
Avalon Estates Boynton Beach 365 2003-2005    2 Pets / 30lb High  $300’s
Baywinds W. Palm Beach 1,082 2001-2006   No weight limit Low   $100’s
Bellaggio Lake Worth 1,099 2001-2004 Café 2 Pets / 50b Low   $300’s
Bent Tree + East Boynton Beach 463 1978-1982     Low   $100’s
Brighton Lakes Boynton Beach 123 1990-1996     Low   $100’s
Buena Vida Wellington 449 2003-2007 Café   High  $300’s
Cascades Boynton Beach 928 1997-2000 Café 2 Pets / 30lb High  $300’s
Cascade Lakes Boynton Beach 600 2000-2002  Café 2 Pets / 30lb High  $300’s
Club at Indian Lakes Boynton Beach 268 1995-1997     Mid   $300’s
Coral Lakes Delray Beach 1,324 1993-2001 Café   Low   $300’s
Emerald Point Delray Beach 300 1980-1994     High  $100’s
Floral Lakes Delray Beach 589 1996-2001     Low   $300’s
Four Seasons Delray Beach 315 2005-2013     High  $400’s
Huntington Lakes Delray Beach 2,100 1980-1989   No Pets Low   $100’s
Huntington Pointe Delray Beach 1,096 1009-2006   No Pets Mid   $100’s
Indian Springs Boynton Beach 1,901 1981-1998     Below $100’s
Majestic Isles Boynton Beach 450 1996-1998     Low    $200’s
Mizner Falls Boynton Beach 228 2002-2004     High  $300’s
Palm Chase Boynton Beach 350 1988-1993   2 Pets / 30lb Mid   $100’s
Palm Isles Boynton Beach 2,367 1992-2998 Café 2 Pets / 30lb Low   $300’s
Palm Shores Boynton Beach 222 1989-1993   50 lb Mid   $200’s
Ponte Vecchio & PV West Boynton Beach 647 2000-2003   2 Pets / 30lb Mid   $300’s
Rainberry Bay Delray Beach 901 1970s/80s     Below $100’s
Sandhurst Boynton Beach 104 1999-2002     High  $300’s
Summer Chase Lake Worth 221 1990-2000     Mid   $200’s
The Grove Boynton Beach 501 1996-1999     High  $100’s
Tivoli Lakes Boynton Beach 324 2005-2009   2 Pets / 50lb High  $300’s
Tivoli Reserve Boynton Beach 220 2002-2004   2 Pets High  $300’s
Tuscany Bay Boynton Beach 395 2002-2006     Low   $300’s
Valencia Bay Boynton Beach   2016-???? Café   High  $400’s
Valencia Cove Boynton Beach 823 2014-2015 Café   High  $400’s
Valencia Falls Delray Beach 724 2002-2004 Café   High  $300’s
Valencia Isles Boynton Beach 796 1999-2002 Café 2 Pets / 30lb Mid   $300’s
Valencia Lakes Boynton Beach 696 1997-1999 Café   Low   $300’s
Valencia Palms Delray Beach 612 2005-2007 Café   Low   $500’s
Valencia Pointe Boynton Beach 690 2006-2010 Café   Low   $300’s
Valencia Reserve Boynton Beach 1,043 2009-2013 Café   High  $300’s
Valencia Shores Lake Worth 1143 2002-2008 Café   High  $300’s
Venetian Isles Boynton Beach 1,060 2002-2003   No Weight Limit Mid   $300’s
Villa Borghese Delray Beach 582 1999-2005     Low   $300’s
Villaggio Lake Worth 538 2004-2008 Café   Mid   $300’s
Villaggio Reserve Delray Beach 600 2013-2015 Café   High  $300’s
Vizcaya Delray Beach 504 1996-2002   Mid    $200’s
Willow Bend Lake Worth         Low   $100’s

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