55+ Communities in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

There are more than seventy 55+ Active Adult Communities in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and the rest of Palm Beach County, Florida. Deciding which 55+ community is right for you can be very confusing.  There are the good, the bad and the ugly.  Some communities are large (over 2,000 homes) and some communities are small (just over 100 homes).  Some are older and some are newer.  The construction dates range from the 1970’s right on up to today.  Some offer more amenities than others.  Some offer several activities and clubs.  The smaller communities tend to offer less amenities and activities. Some communities have café’s and some don’t.  The pet policies are different in each community.The price range varies from the low $50’s to over 1 million dollars.

Below is a chart showing information for some of the more popular communities. It shows some of what most people want to know about any community.  By clicking on any of the community names, you will see what is currently for sale in that community.

Community                             City# of Homes  Year Built  Café Pet PolicyStarting Prices
 AberdeenBoynton Beach7241983-1990 Varies Low   $100’s
Aberdeen C/ClubBoynton Beach2,9001988-2000  Low   $100’s
A Avalon EstatesBoynton Beach3652003-2005  2 Pets / 30lbHigh  $300’s
BaywindsW. Palm Beach1,0822001-2006 Varies Low   $100’s
BellaggioLake Worth1,0992001-2004Café2 Pets / 50bLow   $300’s
Bent Tree + EastBoynton Beach4631978-1982  Low   $100’s
Brighton LakesBoynton Beach1231990-1996 2 Pets No LmtLow   $100’s
Buena VidaWellington4492003-2007Café2 Pets No LmtHigh  $200’s
CascadesBoynton Beach9281997-2000Café2 Pets / 25lbHigh  $200’s
Cascade LakesBoynton Beach6002000-2002Café2 Pets / 25lbLow   $300’s
Club at Indian LakesBoynton Beach2681995-1997  Mid   $200’s
Coral LakesDelray Beach1,3241993-2001CaféVaries Low   $300’s
Emerald PointDelray Beach3001980-1994  High  $100’s
Floral LakesDelray Beach5891996-2001 2 Pets / 40lbLow   $200’s
Four SeasonsDelray Beach3152005-2013  High  $400’s
Huntington LakesDelray Beach2,1001980-1989 No PetsLow   $100’s
Huntington PointeDelray Beach1,0961009-2006 No PetsMid   $100’s
Indian SpringsBoynton Beach1,9011981-1998 VariesBelow $100’s
Majestic IslesBoynton Beach4501996-1998 561-424-0952Low    $200’s
Mizner FallsBoynton Beach2282002-2004 2 Pets / 25lbHigh  $300’s
Palm ChaseBoynton Beach3501988-1993 2 Pets / 30lbMid   $100’s
Palm IslesBoynton Beach2,3671992-2998Café2 Pets / 30lbLow   $200’s
Palm ShoresBoynton Beach2221989-1993 50 lbMid   $200’s
Ponte Vecchio(s)Boynton Beach6472000-2003 2 Pets / 30lbMid   $300’s
Rainberry BayDelray Beach9011970s/80s 2 Pets / 30lb totalBelow $100’s
SandhurstBoynton Beach1041999-2002  High  $200’s
Summer ChaseLake Worth2211990-2000 2 Pets No LmtMid   $200’s
The GroveBoynton Beach5011996-1999 1 Pet  / 30lbHigh  $100’s
Tivoli LakesBoynton Beach3242005-2009 2 Pets / 50lbHigh  $300’s
Tivoli ReserveBoynton Beach2202002-2004 2 PetsHigh  $300’s
Tuscany BayBoynton Beach3952002-2006 2 Pets No LmtLow   $200’s
Valencia BayBoynton Beach5822016-????Café2 Pets No LmtHigh  $400’s
Valencia CoveBoynton Beach8232014-2015Café2 Pets No LmtHigh  $400’s
Valencia FallsDelray Beach7242002-2004Café2 Pets No LmtHigh  $300’s
Valencia IslesBoynton Beach7961999-2002Café2 Pets No LmtMid   $300’s
Valencia LakesBoynton Beach6961997-1999Café2 Pets No LmtLow   $300’s
Valencia PalmsDelray Beach6122005-2007Café2 Pets No LmtLow   $500’s
Valencia PointeBoynton Beach6902006-2010Café2 Pets No LmtMid   $300’s
Valencia ReserveBoynton Beach1,0432009-2013Café2 Pets No LmtHigh  $300’s
Valencia ShoresLake Worth11432002-2008Café2 Pets No LmtHigh  $300’s
Venetian IslesBoynton Beach1,0602002-2003 2 Pets 50lb HMid   $200’s
Villa BorgheseDelray Beach5821999-2005 1 Pet   25lbLow   $300’s
VillaggioLake Worth5382004-2008Café2 Pets No LmtMid   $300’s
Villaggio ReserveDelray Beach6002013-2015Café High  $300’s
VizcayaDelray Beach5041996-20022 Pets No LmtMid    $200’s
Willow BendLake Worth    Low   $100’s


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