55+ Active Adult Lifestyle… could include a Pedometer?

I live iPedometer for those Over 55n Villaggio, one of more than seventy 55+ Active Adult Communities in Palm Beach County. At 72, it seems that the older I get the less exercise I’m motivated to do.  That being said, anything I do to get more exercise is a good thing. 

My Pedometer has become my motivator.  Since I installed the “Walking Mate” app on my android, my exercise routine has rapidly expanded.   Let me explain…

For years, I have walked our two dogs 4 times a day.  I pretty much had a few routes established.  No goal, just let the dogs do their thing.  Then someone introduced me to the “Walking Mate” app.  It comes with an initial goal of walking 10,000 steps per day.  The best I could figure out, I had been walking anywhere from3,500 to 6,000 steps per day.  It took me awhile to work up to 10,000 (which I have since exceeded).  The app works on bounces.  Each step you take bounces a little and registers on the app.  Each 2,000 steps is about 1 mile.  So if you hit the 10,000 step goal, you’ve walked about 5 miles.  It also tells you how many calories you’ve burned.

I still walk the dogs 4 times a day but my route has significantly changed.  I now get to see a lot more of the neighborhood and I get to meet more people and other dogs.  In addition to the walking, I play tennis 4 or 5 times a week.  Yes, I keep my android in my pocket when I play so that it counts the steps during tennis (anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 steps).

I’ve kept track (The app does it) of my progress.  My average over the past three months is around 11,400 steps. That’s about 5 ½ miles per day. My highest day was over 21,000 steps (about 10 miles).


A pedometer motivated me.  What could motivate you?


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