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There are more than seventy 55+ Active Adult Communities in Palm Beach County Florida. Most are located in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Wellington and West Palm Beach.

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All realtors try to guide sellers into paying the proper commission and pricing their home correctly.

Of course, every seller wants to pay as low a commissions as possible.  Sometimes that’s okay but most of the time, I suggest they pay either a standard commission (usually 6%) or even 7%.  I suggest it for a specific reason.  When realtors are looking at homes to show their buyers, they look at the commission being paid.  The following will illustrate what I’m talking about.

In addition, many sellers want or think that their home is worth more than it actually is.  Some use the reasoning that I purchased it or X and I upgraded it with Y and that should be the value. (NOT).  Others feel attached and feel it’s worth more.  The reality is that any home is only worth what a buyer will pay for it.  A Comparitive Market Analysis (CMA) will show what other homes in your neighborhood comparable to yours have recently sold for.  That is the best guideline to price your house with.  Buyers know pricing and the illustration below will demonstrate the value of proper pricing. 

Buyer Price Graphic

Listen to your realtor, they are educated in how best to sell a home.

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