10 Questions to Ask When Buying into a 55+ Lifestyle

 Assuming that you love a home or a particular 55+ community

Be Sure to Ask these  Contact  The Harelik Team with additional questions.

  1. The AGE of the Community or the home. Generally speaking, older communities and homes are usually less expensive.

  2. The SIZE of the Community. The size can generally tell you about the activity level.  Very small communities are usually less active.

  3. What do ASSOCIASION DUES cover? Some things may include cable TV, external painting, roofs, etc.

  4. How healthy are the ASSOCIASION RESERVE FUNDS or DEBT? If the debt or reserves are not healthy, it may end up as a special assessment later on.

  5. What does the ASSOCIASION INSURANCE cover? You’ll need to decide what supplemental insurance coverage you may need.

  6. Are there any SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS currently or in the future. You don’t want any surprises about special assessments.

  7. Are there any ASSOCIASION RESTRICTIONS that might not meet your requirements. Restrictions such as home painting, rent policy, parking, vehicle restrictions, etc.

  8. Do the AMENITIES AND ACTIVITIES meet the criteria you’re looking for. Some communities are much more active than others.

  9. How many UNITS FOR SALE in the community. A large number may be a sign of a problem.

  10. How are MANAGEMENT AND COMPLAINTS handled? Is it managed by a qualified professional company? Do they handle owners’ requests and complaints quickly?

Contact  The Harelik Team with additional questions.

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